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Turnkey solutions


Detailed engineering

Comprehensive design, from the selection of bars to the choice of other components.



With plants in Spain and Mexico, we guarantee quality and global reach.


Installation at the client's premises

Our technicians have extensive experience in international assemblies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gecsa takes care of the detailed engineering, manufacturing, and commissioning of all the elements needed to establish the connection between the transformer-rectifier and the electrolytic cells.

Gecsa stands out for having a strong engineering team and extensive experience in detailed engineering for everything related to the connection between the transformer-rectifier and the electrolytic cells. The engineering team is responsible for defining the sections of the bars, the appropriate layout of the bars on the plant layout, the placement of flexible connections, the types and quantity of supports, as well as choosing the switches, among other responsibilities.

Yes, we provide turnkey solutions to all our clients. However, in some instances, the client chooses to delegate the assembly tasks to their own maintenance team. In such situations, we provide the option to supply the client with a Gecsa supervisor, whose responsibility is to assist the client in the assembly procedures.

No, Gecsa is a significant player in all sectors with high energy consumption, such as companies involved in electrolytic processes, steel mills, ferroalloys, foundries, etc.  It boasts a remarkable product portfolio in those sectors.